Kolkata skyline just before Pujo 2019

If it rains before Pujo, it is said that Maa Durga is coming home on a boat. Here’s bringing you some moments from the storms which ushered in Durga Pujo 2019.

Why Do You Travel?

Why do you pack your bags and zip away? What do you go to find? What do you try to leave behind and what do you bring back? Why do you travel? 

Prashar Lake Trek

Most of the Prashar Lake trek is a good walk. But there are stretches which are steep and require advanced skills and good muscle power to see you through. The monsoon season has made some of it more challenging…

Unwinding at Jibhi

An innocuous mud trail leads us to the stream. From here we show some daring and wade through heavy currents. We are at the blue lagoon…

A Photo Story about the Camels of Bikaner

You’ll find the National Research Centre on Camel just off the Jodhpur bypass. Established almost 35 years ago in 1984, the centre today houses around 300 camels.

What happens when humans try to control nature

I shared a short story about my special bond with the river Beas to India River Forum’s epic initiative My Memories of The River. It Got published! Here’s sharing it with you guys!

Extreme Summer Vacay Anyone?

I spent 5 days of May in Bikaner in the Thar Desert and braved 50 degree temperature – here’s what it did to me

Making The Most Of A Dust Storm

Dust in my eyes and ears and nose, there was only one song stuck in my head. The experience translated to this video – sharing it from my YouTube Channel

Death Of An Eatery

By Chanchal Thapa  Two years ago my usually laid-back uncle decided to buy a new smart-phone. So, he took me along as a ‘tech support’. It was late in the afternoon and in the circular Mirik Bazaar, we did a semi-circle and inevitably, landed at Bablu Da’s shop. There weren’t many shopping options back then….

Vazhapally: An Accidental Discovery In Changanassery

By the time the headlights of Hari’s Datsun Go was illuminating the mossy residential walls of Vazhapally in Changanassery, I knew I had truly gone off beat with my Kerala drifting. Two weeks ago I had had to Google Changanassery and struggled to pronounce it without losing my way in the alphabets. And now, here…